Caergwrle Castle

I got to choose an event for Mothers Day this year and decided on a walk here. This is Caergwrle Castle. Estimated to have been built in the late 13th century by Dafydd ap Gruffydd it stands on one of two sandstone hills in the village and commands fantastic views to the north and south.

To the west is Hope Mountain with a peak of 330m and to the east is the hillfort Caer Estyn, situated on the twin hill. The River Alyn runs between the castle and the hillfort.

While similar in structure to other castles I have visited every castle is unique and I found the size, design and location of this fortification to be very impressive. The slopes of the hill are tree covered and as such surrounding noise pollution is somewhat dimmed by the bird song. It was very easy to let your imagination take you back in time and imagine yourself at the site centuries ago, admiring the view and keeping a close eye out for any advancing enemy.

Time was a factor on the day of our visit however we look forward to returning and visiting the adjacent hilfort. To read more about the castle's history click HERE.


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